Professional Portfolio


The articles here reflect my work as a journalist and editor for The articles listed demonstrate the wide variety of articles I have written for Bullet, ranging from show coverage to interviews to breaking news.

Perhaps my most successful show review from the perspective of page views, this was a departure from the usual “play-by-play” style of most show reviews designed to create a review that would be pertinent to all John Mayer fans rather than only being interesting to Atlanta John Mayer fans who are interested in reading about his recent show there.

In realizing that a single show review could have a broader appeal than the narrow audience of people who would usually be interested in it, I found the essential, overarching themes and additions to that tour and relayed them to the readers. Even while relating the tour to the wider audience, though, I was still able to relate each point to what I had seen in Atlanta, to give it a personalized, Southern spin.

This article is a testament to my ability to quickly and accurately gather, analyze and interpret information as it unfolds in real-time. When a shooting occurred at the Masquerade (an Atlanta music venue), 11Alive news initially vaguely reported a shooting “near Underground Atlanta,” but I was able to find first-person accounts that detailed a timeline of events along with the exact location of the shooting (These facts and accounts were later corroborated by official statements and police reports).

After gathering research, I got an article out within two hours of the shooting and almost seven hours before AJC or any other mainstream publications picked it up. Because I took initiative and did the leg work to be one of the first to report on the incident, my article was shared widely and was the first detailed source of information many people saw.

As part of the Bullet Music Local Artist Spotlight Series presented by Creature Comforts, I interview local, Atlanta musicians, and give them a platform to share their sound with a sit down interview and a set at Smiths Olde Bar in Atlanta.

For this particular spotlight, I took the name of the band along with some of the band’s answers, and I spun a story that invites readers into a mystical realm full of mermaids and dive bars. In fact, Mermaid Motor Lounge ended up using the article as their band’s bio.

A more typically “play-by-play” style of show coverage that still displays an ability to entertain and look beyond simple, surface actions, this Weezer review takes a fresh look at a familiar face in the world of rock music. After more than 20 years of consistent success, bands like Weezer and their openers, The Pixies, are often overlooked as “washed up” or “past their prime,” but I wanted to illustrate just how wrong that perception is.

Thankfully, the two bands gave me plenty of evidence to support my thesis, and Weezer, especially, stole the show in a way I wasn’t totally prepared for.