Professional Portfolio


A few samples of my work for Columbus and the Valley Magazine. Ranging from event previews to advertorials, my work here reflects my versatility and ability to tailor my writing to many different audiences.

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“Savvy Seniors” was the name of an advertorial segment in the June 2018 issue of Columbus and the Valley. The segment focused on different businesses that cater to the needs of seniors in the community. As an advertorial segment, it was imperative that I not only effectively advertise the key points that the business wanted highlighted, but also that I create engaging content that would capture a reader’s attention.

In the end, I interviewed directors and took tours and five different assisted living and retirement communities, noting the key differences in each to craft copy that spread useful and pertinent information while bringing the unique personality of each business to the forefront. It was a challenging endeavor, as a 23-year-old, to decide what information would be useful in deciding on a retirement home, but I was able to effectively turn audience analysis into strong, effective copy.

Steeplechase is an essential Columbus event, which meant that being chosen to write the official Steeplechase event preview was a big deal as a Columbus native. This preview exemplifies my research and interview skills alongside my ability to relate information to my target audience.

Knowing that the audience for the article was people from Columbus who have likely already heard of or been to Steeplechase before, I wanted to remind them of the deep history of the event and what it means to the community before introducing the big changes and upgrades that are in the works.

Another fun event preview, this time for a chocolate-themed fundraiser held by Port Columbus, who runs the National Civil War Naval Museum in Columbus, GA. As opposed to Steeplechase, this is a fairly new event in Columbus, and I wanted to focus on how exciting this new event would be.

Because of this, I made sure to highlight and hype up the many different food and drink vendors as well as the impressive list of raffle prizes that included a trip to the 2019 NCAA Final Four as well as the 2019 Master’s Golf Tournament (A tough sell, I know).